Shampoodles Pet Salon - El Paso Shampoodles is terrible

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I only tried this groomer because of the Daily Deal.I made an appointment in the morning and I was given a specific time.

I show up a bit early and no one is there. The building isn't even open. My appointment time passes and still no one comes to open the business. The voucher for my deal had two different numbers for the place.

Both sent me to Shampoodles voice mail. I left a message. I noticed the front of the business had a phone number on their sign. 915-226-4314.

I call it. The perso who answers has no clue what Shampoodles is and claims I have the wrong number. Hm, why would the business do that. So finally 20 minutes pass and someone arrives to open up.

I go in and not one apology for being late was given. I left my dig, had asked for certain cut and left. Hour later I pick up my dog to find she looks like all she might have gotten was a bath and a small trim with only the body somewhat shorter. Not what I asked for.

But didn't want a confrontation so I just left it. I was given a pamphlete with services and hours along with a coupon for mu non happening next visit. They opened at 830 am that day according to the pamphlete. Lady didn't show up for work, then two hours late.

Next day my dog is biting at her behind and a few days later it was bit raw. She developed a hot spot, something she has only gotten with certain groomers who I no longer go to. Don't spend your money here. They lack professionalism and respect.

Shame.Such a cute place too.

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Shampoodles Pet Salon

(915) 564-17332623 E. Missouri Ave, El Paso, TX 79903

This is the worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my life. This place is a complete joke and I really don't know how they can still be in business.

The lady that initially helped us was completely rude, lie to us by saying that the "El Paso Daily Deal" voucher could only be used on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the voucher doesn't actually have any restrictions. We tried calling on Tuesday and the phone rang, and rang, and rang…so we decided to go over there as soon as they opened. Then the girl asked if we are going to pay cash or with the voucher and we mentioned the voucher and then she immediately says that they are completely booked; the same thing happened the previous Saturday when we tried to make the appointment. In addition to that, she was looking at something on her cell phone while we were in there trying to redeem the voucher.

Anyhow, then I called to ask to speak to a manager or owner, but she was not there. I left my phone number and information so that she could call me back. The girl informed the owner the reasons for wanting to speak to her. The owner had the WORST attitude and the WORST customer service that you can ever imagine. She was very defensive and she defended the employee. In other words, she called us liar and that we didn't know anything. She kept changing her story and she wouldn't let me talk at all. She was loud, rude, discourteous, impolite and extremely unprofessional. First she says that the vouchers can be redeemed any time. Then when I was finally able to tell her that the girl on the phone said that it could only be redeemed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays she said "well, it's your word against hers because she didn't say that." Then she said that we had to go before 2 pm and I told her that we went right when they opened. She replied by saying "the voucher clearly states that appointments are recommended." Apparently she doesn't know what recommended means. Anyway, she kept talking down to me and saying that "I didn't know anything" and this is the worst part, she said that her business DID NOT approve the 50% voucher that El Paso Times Daily Deals posted and obviously that is not true. When I told her that there is no way that somebody is going to post a coupon for 50% and mention what it includes without the authorization of the owner of the store/place and in an even louder tone of voice she said "you were not there, you don't know what happened between El Paso Times and me." Then she screamed at me at told me that she was done talking to me and that she will refund my money and then again "come and pick up your money, I will give it back to you. "If you don't like it, don't come, everybody else is happy about this place." Then I mentioned that I was going to leave reviews about that place on the BBB and other sites and she said "do whatever you need to do, I don't care."

I'm not writing all the details about the incident but it was much worse than that. I just can believe that the owner is even worse that the girl that provided such a horrible customer service. This is completely unbelievable and unacceptable. I'm not sure how much longer that place is going to stay in business because with that customer service they definitely won't make it. Those people are completely rude, unprofessional, they don't know anything about customer service and they don't know how to take responsibility and take care of problems.

From now on Karlu is our pet grooming place. We just thought that maybe they would win us over with the voucher and that they would make sure we would remain regular customer but instead they did the complete opposite. We went to Karlu's place and what a difference; I felt relieved and happy again, finally somebody that knows how to treat customers, how to talk to them and how to provide excellent customer service. They were able to take our dog that same day and do everything that needed to be done for a great price as well. Thank God for Karlu because I was about to explode with those other ladies but I'm still shock about the attitude of the "owner." What a complete disaster! NEVER, EVER AGAIN!!!!!! NEVER

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Thanks for posting about your experience.I bought a voucher last fall and used it.

Luckily had no problems. I bought another voucher this spring which expires in July. I'm going on week 3 on waiting for an appointment. First, I dropped off my dog and was told the groomer was out.

3 hours later picked up my dog because the groomer was "still out" and probably wouldn't make it in. Tried calling on three separate days since and no one answers the phone. Went on a Saturday and a sign was up closed for wedding. I'm crossing my fingers I don't get the "have to have an appointment on Tuesday/Wednesday runaround".

I have a regular groomer, Julian's Pet Grooming, I could easily use whose REGULAR price is the same as Shampoodles "discount." I'd love to go there and be done with it as my dog's hair isn't getting any shorter and Julian's does a great job. However, the voucher expires in July so I don't want to lose that money.

Still this is too much work to save a few dollars.Not impressed at all with Shampoodles.

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